– No job is too big or too small! Our team has the expertise to handle all types of installs, whether it’s your beautiful residential home, or it’s a private townhouse community.

Our Services-

Cedar Fencing, Cedar Decks, Trellis’, Custom Fence Design, Custom Exterior Landscape Woodwork, Pre-Staining Services, Lumber Retail.


Thinking of revamping your yard with more than just carpentry? Let us point you in the right direction towards highly skilled and industry leading landscape designers!

Pro Tip!

When building your custom fence, in order to avoid bleeding of fasteners, use stainless steel staples, and screws! Available in all of our [RED] Edition installs and material!





Cedar Fence Installation.
Our Cedar Fence installers are among the rarest in the province. With a Record of 750 feet removed and installed within a single day, our installation team knows what they’re doing. Continue reading “Services”

Did someone say delivery?

Looking for high end lumber for your next project? Let us help you with that! We carry a broad range of lumber from, your standard Western Red Cedar tongue and groove to rare Yellow Cedar beams and posts! The best of all, they’re delivered right to your door!